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Willow Varieties - 17 Varieties + Fast Growing Hybrids

The table below lists the 17 main varieties we grow, a brief description, the products we offer for each variety, and a thumbnail showing the variety itself. To purchase, please go to '**Online Shop**', link as per menu tab . For full specifications of the product types offered, see 'Cuttings/Rods/Kits' section on the web site. The 'Living Stuctures' and 'Other Uses' sections provide wider information on these willow plants. All cuttings are 25cm long, and vary in diameter depending on the variety. Cuttings and rods are not rooted, but will grow readily, full instructions provided with all purchases. Rods offered are from 1.5m to 3.5m long.

In addition to below we also offer a range of UK wide planting and structure building services, and a range of 'Super Willow' fast growing Hybrids for growing woodchip, logs, and biomass production generally.


Willow Variety & Brief Description:


Rods Living Willow Kits

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  1. Salix Alba (White Willow) - White willow is a tall tree which generally grows to between 15 and 30m tall. The bark is greyish-brown in colour. The twigs are brown or olive, Buds are dark brown. Salix Alba is common by rivers and streams. It generally becomes scarcer westwards, especially in Wales and Scotland. Full sun to light shade; ample water; tolerates a wide range of soil and conditions. Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10  - -

  2. Salix Alba Chermesina (Scarlet Willow) - Rich yellow to red rods giving excellent winter colour. Can grow to 7m, very attractive, yellow-red annual growth, with the colour improving the more pruning is done.
Full sun to light shade; ample water; tolerates a wide range of soil and conditions. Of all the many types of Salix alba, this is one of the best for winter colour. Great ornamental willow.
Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10 - -

  3. Salix Alba Fragilis (Flanders Red) - Basketry willow that is wonderful to work with due to it's slightly waxy skin. The red autumn colour dries to an orange. Great ornamental willow. Changes from the green in summer to red winter. Full sun to light shade; ample water; tolerates a wide range of soil and conditions. Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  4. Salix Alba Vitellina (Golden Willow) - Golden willow is a tall graceful tree which can grow to 30m. The year old twigs are its most distinguishing characteristic as they are bright yellow or orange making them very conspicuous in winter months. Thrives in wet conditions and variety of soil types, full sun or part shade. The strong flexible rods are excellent for basketry. Coppicing yields 2m stems with little branching. Ideal for hedges or to enhance winter landscape with colourful stems. Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  5. Salix Candida - Very attractive willow with thick stems, growing 1.5m per year in sheltered locations, having large “furry” leaves, with large yellow catkins. Salix Candida is from North America, a very ornamental willow which grows into a small shrub up to 2.5m in height. The hairy rods remind of deer antlers. A further feature of this willow are the very large buds. Yes - Bundles of 1, 10 & 100 - -

  6. Salix Daphniodes (Continental Purple) - A hardy daphnoides, taller rods can be used as uprights in living willow sculptures, with the smaller rods being pliable enough for basketry. Great winter colour with new growth.
Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10 - -

  7. Salix Fragilis Decipiens (White Welsh) - A basketry willow with a very light bark colour, giving a good contrast when used together with darker rods in coloured basketwork.
Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10 - -

  8. Salix Nigricians (Black Willow) - Fabulous willow with wonderful pitch black bark which has a purple sheen to it. Young growth is a lovely black and green. Grows to 10m. Shining ebony coloured stems throughout winter. Prune hard annually in spring for best bark effect. A lovely ornamental willow. Full sun to shade and will tolerate a wide range of soil types. Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  9. Salix Pentandra (Bay Willow) - A large willow shrub or small tree usually growing to 5-7m high but exceptionally known to reach 17m. Salix pentandra is frequently found by streams and rivers and on wet ground. Bay willow appeals to gardeners because of its attractive foliage and catkins and is said to have fragrance like Bay leaves. Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10 - -

  10. Salix Purpurea (Purple Willow) - Can grow up to 5m high or make a lovely shrub or hedge. Stems are slender, tough and flexible, tinged with purple. This is a traditional basket making variety, producing medium-fine rods up to 2m long. It has lovely blue/green leaves, and very attractive foliage with colourful stems which stand out in winter especially. Ideal for basketry, hurdles, or furniture. Full sun to part shade, thrives with regular watering, will tolerate range of soil types. Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  11. Salix Purpurea (Cohu Blue) - Slender leaved variety, can grow up to 5M. It has lovely blue/green leaves, and very attractive foliage with colourful stems which stand out in winter especially. Full sun to part shade, thrives with regular watering, will tolerate range of soil types. Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10 - -

  12. Salix Purpurea (Green Dicks) - Produces a fine rod with a pale green/yellow stem, which changes to a whitish green in the winter. Can grow up to 5m. Bright olive green new growth, vigorous, especially with an annual pruning. Full sun to part shade, thrives with regular deep watering, tolerates a wide range of soil types Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  13. Salix Sachalinensis (Sekka) - Rods curve round and can be used fresh or dried in flower arrangements. Catkins appear in February, turning first pink and then golden as they mature. Sekka will grow to around 4m height and makes a lovely feature in a garden. Excellent ornamental shrub. Can grow into huge tropical shrub. Very distinctive shaped leaves not found in any other willows. Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  14. Salix Tortuosa (Corkscrew/Contorted) - A fast growing, spreading deciduous tree which can grow up to 10m with narrow tapering bright green leaves. The corkscrew effect in the stems being most evident after leaf fall. More drought tolerant than most willows. Contortion increases with vigor so pollarding enhances it. Thrives best in moist soil conditions and prefers full sun. Yes - Bundles of 1 & 10 - -

  15. Salix Triandra (Black Maul) - Salix Triandra or ‘Almond Leaved Willow’ is a small bushy tree or robust spreading shrub that can reach 8m. The bark is smooth and dark grey. The twigs are olive-brown, the leaves are regularly serrated and dark green above and green below. One of the most attractive and fragrant willows and is being used more frequently as a garden shrub. Owing to it’s dark maroon-black new growth and very bright autumn colours it is highly ornamental. Triandra is a traditional basket making variety and has deep brown stems. It is also ideal for hedging, and living willow structures. Full sun to part shade, thrives with regular watering and will tolerate wide range of soil types. Yes - Bundles of 1,10 & 100 - -

  16. Salix Viminalis - Fast growing yellow/green variety, long shoots but lower number of shoots than other varieties. Hardy vigorous variety, producing long straight stems with growth up to 2m a year, traditionally used to make baskets for fishing and agriculture. Other uses include living structures, furniture, drawing charcoal, wind-breaks, soil stabilisation, waste filtration, and fuel. The stems or ‘Rods’ are very tough and flexible, ideal for construction of living willow structures. Happy in full sun or part shade and thrives on regular watering. It will tolerate a wide variety of soil types. Yes - Bundles of 1,10, 100, 1000 , 10.000 Yes - 1.5m, 2m, 3m & 3.5m Rods. Bundles of 10 & 100, & 1000 Yes -  Domes Wigwam Tunnels Arbours Fedges(Tunnel & Fedges Sold per/m) 

  17. Salix Cinerea (Grey Willow) - Native tree that produces silver catkins in early spring, elongated grey-green leaves. Any soil type, like wet conditions. Will grow up to 8m. Yes - Bundles of 1, & 10 - -

  18. Mixed Selections of Willows - See Shopping Cart Page 1 for Details of Current Offers Various - -

  19. Tough Woven Water Permeable Membrane (100gsm) - See Shopping Cart Page 2

1m & 2m wide role sold by the meter. Also sold in 5m Squares.

We also offer Professional quality Secateurs, Biodegradable Membrane Pegs, Jute Ties, Plastic Membrane Pegs, Bamboo Canes, and Spiral Rabbit Tree Guards.

Various offerings, see  Online Shop for details - -


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