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This Seasons Feedback So Far:-


"fantastic fun planting the dome....really "forgiving" and easy to use. It looks great and we will try to add to it each year. Many thanks for your help" - Amanda, Lancaster Royal Grammar School. [Dome & Tunnel Kit]

“Thank you – The dome looks wonderful, the children love it. I have sent for 2 sets of solar lights so a fairy kingdom it will become”  Patricia, Stretton Day Nursery. [3m Dome Build Carried out by us]

"Thank you for all your work yesterday. I have had lot's of very positive comments from people in the village. They especially enjoyed being able to join in with the construction. Children are already playing in it!" Julie, Malton, North Yorkshire Community Project. [Dome and Connecting Tunnel]

"Hi Ann, Just to say my kit arrived all ok! We planted it today I'm really pleased with it and can't wait for it to start bursting into life! Thanks again
  Local School Project [Small Dome]

"The pupils are loving their willow, having great fun at break times and also helping to inspire their writing on the subject of the rainforest, where they made traditional head-dresses and then used the dome and tunnels as their 'den' whilst being warriors - they produced some very creative work following this! The willow was also a 'big hit' with our new parents of the next reception year who were very impressed by your handiwork and that their children had the privilege of a willow dome in their school garden! " Catharine
Kirkland & Catterall [Large Dome with two tunnels built by us with help from Children]

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Glad you enjoyed your day in Rainton. The dome and tunnel look great and can't wait until it starts to grow. Many thanks for all your help."  Martin, Rainton Community Project [ 3m Dome and 3m Tunnel built by us with local community children & adults helping]

"fantastic it has a great head of hair about 3 foot long and in need of a haircut. If you want to take any pictures pop over some time" Martin, Local Project [Large 3m Arbour]

"Thanks very much for the kit. It looked like it might have been fun packing it up too - was the longest parcel I've ever received. Have now assembled the dome and it was really good fun. Just wanted to let you know how much fun we had making it.
All the best"
[Jon, South East London]

"Thanks so much to for coming to school yesterday and building the dome and tunnel, for  great rapport with the children, and for all the generous advice as well. Children, parents and staff all love it - I'm not sure who is the most excited!!!."
Whitley Village School, Cheshire]






We supply cut price Willow Rods (or Whips), Willow Cuttings, and a range of Living Willow kits including structures such as Domes, Wigwams, Arbours, Fences / Hedges (or Fedges) and Tunnels. These cover a range of 17 selected varieties including Salix Viminalis, Salix Tortuous (Corkscrew or Curly Willow), Salix Alba Vitellina (Golden Willow, Salix Alba Chermesina (Scarlet Willow), Salix Purpurea (Chou Blue), Salix Sachalinensis (Sekka) and Salix Triandra (Black Maul). See 'Online Shop' page for pricing & ordering, and 'Willow Varieties' page for summary listing of our products. Photos below show samples of our varieties and products. We supply willow cuttings for all 17 varieties, and willow rods, dome kits, fedge kits, sculpture kits, and tunnel kits for Salix Viminalis. We will also quote for installing structures, either our standard kits or to your own specifications. We now also offer Biodegradable Membrane Pegs, Jute Ties, Plastic Membrane Pegs, Bamboo Canes, and Spiral Tree Guards.

We are taking bookings now for winter planting season (Nov 2012 to Mid April 2013) We cover whole of mainland UK for installs. See online shop for ordering. Orders placed May through to early November will be delivered mid November, orders place from mid November onwards will be delivered within 3-5 working days from date of placing order. Large items delivered 'Next Day' TNT service, smaller items Post Office 'Standard Parcels'

** Schools ** If you wish to be invoiced after taking delivery rather than using online shop please email us (ann@yorkshirewillow.co.uk) details of order, including delivery address & post code, delivery contact name and tel number, and required delivery/install date. We will then confirm delivery price and date by email. Invoice PDF will be emailed to you again after delivery for payment. Same applies if you wish us to build structures for you.

Large Living Willow Tunnel Structure Kit

The photo to the right shows a large living willow tunnel structure about 8 weeks after construction. These can be supplied in kit form per metre length. The one shown is about 3m. The tunnel structure kit includes rods, membrane, ties, detailed instructions, pegs, and 9 photos showing various stages of construction.

For these the type of willow structures we use is Salix Viminalis. Each produces long supple rods which in a single growing season after pollarding can  reach up of to 5m in length. The living tunnel will require periodic pruning and weaving of new growth to retain ideal tunnel shape.

Willow Tunnel

Willow Fedge

Living Willow Fence / Hedge (Fedge) Structure Kit

The photo to the left shows a living willow Fedge (Fence / Hedge) structure about 8 weeks after construction. These can be supplied in kit form per metre length. The one shown is about 5m long. The Fedge structure kit includes rods, membrane, ties, detailed instructions, pegs, and 9 photos showing various stages of construction.

The living fedge structure will require periodic pruning and weaving of new growth. Heavy pruning at the top encourages growth at the bottom. The angled rods tend to sprout along entire length while the uprights from the top only.

Living Willow Dome Structure Kit

The photo to the right shows a small living willow Dome structure about 6 weeks after construction. It is 2m diameter and 1.8m high. Constructed using 73 x 2.5m+ Salix Viminalis willow rods.

We offer various sizes of dome kit, and as with other structure and sculpture kit offerings we provide full instructions and photos and various stages along with pegs, membrane ties etc.

A dome typically take 2 people between half and a full day to construct. Small tunnels can be built into entrances, large domes can have seating built inside. Ideal for schools. [A cheaper option is to do a wigwam, wigwams are simpler and use fewer rods]

Willow Dome

Willow Tunnel

Small Living Willow Tunnel Structure Kit

The photo to the left shows a small living willow tunnel structure about 5 weeks after construction. These can be supplied in kit form per metre length. The one shown is about 6m. The tunnel structure kit includes rods, membrane, ties, detailed instructions, pegs, and 9 photos showing various stages of construction.

These can be made from various varieties of willow as rods of only about 1.5m in length are required. These small tunnels are ideal for living willow structure or sculpture together or providing entrance to a dome.

The willow tunnel can be straight, bendy as in the photo of even circular.


The photo to the right shows 170 x 25cm cuttings, ten of each of seventeen different varieties.

Willow will grow readily from stem cuttings making propagation very straightforward. Live willow cuttings are available from 1st December to the end of April. They are 25cm long and vary in thickness depending on the variety chosen. See 'Willow Varieties' section for list of the varieties of cuttings offered along with a brief description. We offer cuttings in single, or bundles of 10/100/1000 for all 17 of the varieties we grow.

Willow Cuttings

Willow Cuttings


The photo to the left (bottom left) shows bundles Salix Viminalis and Salix Alba Vitellina (Golden Willow) cuttings.

The key to successfully growing willow from cuttings is dealing with weeds. The easiest method being use of membrane to plant the cuttings through, see 'Planting' page on this site. However even without soil preparation or membrane of any sort, willow cuttings will still usually grow very successfully though not quite as vigorously.These varieties are hardy and fast growing. Even in the first season some can grow over 2m from cuttings given the right conditions.

Ornamental Willow

Photo to the right shows Salix Candida coppice, showing very distinctive colouring of this plant. Very attractive tree with furry leaves & large yellow catkins. Very thick stems, growing 1.5m per year in sheltered locations, having large “furry” leaves, with large yellow catkins. Salix Candida is from North America, a very ornamental willow which grows into a small shrub up to 2.5m in height. The hairy rods remind of deer antlers. A further feature of this willow are the very large buds.

Salix Candida Willow

Sekka Ornamental

Ornamental Willow

The photo to the left shows Salix Sachalinensis (Sekka). The rods curve round and can be used fresh or dried in flower arrangements. Catkins appear in February, turning first pink and then golden as they mature. Sekka will grow to around 4m height and makes a lovely feature in a garden. Excellent ornamental shrub. Can grow into huge tropical shrub. Very distinctive shaped leaves not found in any other willows.

Willow Structure / Sculpture Kits

We offer most structure / sculpture in kit form for ease of construction without having much experience in working with willow rods. The photos to the right show a kit for a 2.5m diameter, 1.8m high willow dome.

A kit comprises: - 

- Sketches and photos of all stages of build.
- Detailed written instructions.
- Appropriate numbers & sizes of Willow rods .
- Weed membrane, woven heavy duty permeable.
- Pegs to hold down membrane.
- String or gardening twine to tie in the willow weave.

Willow Dome Kit

Living Willow

Living Willow Dome Structure Construction

The photo to the left shows a small dome just completed using 73 x 2.5m Salix Viminalis rods. A dome is ideal for a school and larger ones can have seating inside providing excellent shelter from the sun or wind for classes or play.

Children enjoy helping to build domes and watching them grow and develop.

A cheaper option is to do a wigwam, wigwams are simple to build and use fewer rods.

Living Willow Fence / Hedge (Fedge) Example

The photo to the right shows a living willow Fedge (Fence / Hedge) structure which has just been planted. This can be supplied in kit form per metre length.

The one shown is about 30m long and is being used to divide two garden areas, once established the wood pannel fence is to be removed completely.

In this example a wide strip of membrane has been used and ornamental slow growing willow cuttings have been planted next to the fedge.

Willow Fedge

Willow Dome and Tunnel

Living Willow Dome & Tunnel Structure

The photo to the left shows a large 3m dome just completed using 80 x 5.5m Salix Viminalis rods. It also has a curved 3m long tunnel entrance connected to it, this uses 38 x 2.5m Rods.

This arrangement is very popular and we sell these in kit form, everything you need to make this.

It takes about a day for one person to construct and using the detailed instructions and photos we provide can be done very successfully even if you have no experience at all. A large square of membrane is provide which is trimmed and tucked into ground with a spade after build is completed.

Living Willow Fence / Hedge (or Fedge) Structure

The photo to the right shows a Fence / Hedge (or Fedge) structure just completed using 2.5m Salix Viminalis rods. These provide an excellent instant barrier that is both  practical and attractive.

They can be designed and pruned to encourage growth over the full height or just at the top. The exact design in terms of angles and tightness of the lattice can be altered to suite.

It's always a good idea to plant through a water permeable woven membrane. This lets water through when wet, keeps the moisture in when dry, keeps weeds down, and weave expands where holes are made for rods to grow.

Willow Fence Construction


Salix Pentandra (Bay Willow) is a large willow shrub or small tree usually growing to 5-7m high but exceptionally known to reach 17m. Salix Pentandra is frequently found by streams and rivers and on wet ground. Bay willow appeals to gardeners because of its attractive foliage and catkins and is said to have fragrance like Bay leaves. Has very distinctive beige coloured stems in the winter.

Curly Willow

Curly Willow / Salix Tortuous (Corkscrew/Contorted) is a fast growing, spreading deciduous tree which can grow up to 10m with narrow tapering bright green leaves. The corkscrew / curly effect in the stems being most evident after leaf fall. Curly willow is more drought tolerant than most willows. Contortion increases with vigour so pollarding enhances it. Curly willow thrives best in moist soil conditions and prefers full sun.

Salix Pentandra

Curly Willow

Rods (Sometimes referred to as Whips)

Bundles of willow Rods / Whips are offered for a number of the varieties we grow which lend themselves to producing straight long stems with few side shoots. These are offered in 1.5, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m and 3.5m lengths, and in bundles of 10, 100, and 1000. The best variety for producing good rods is Salix Viminalis. [Please ask regarding the very long 3m+ rods as these are not offered by default on the online shop owing to significant variation in delivery costs (we deliver these ourselves)

The rods / Whips are superb for building 'Living Willow' structures, Fudges, or simple hedges, see 'Living Structures' section on this site for detailed information, examples, and photos.

The photo to the right shows bundles of Salix Viminalis rods / Whips. This variety is ideal for living willow structures or sculpture, being able to grow in single season very flexible 3.5m+ rods with no side shoots. The ones below show the willow in mid summer whilst growing with leaves still on. Left shot Salix Viminalis, the right one Salix Triandra (Black Maul)

Willow Rods

Black Maul


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